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6 Things To Expect When You Read Your Future With Tarot Cards.

As a full-blown Pisces, I appreciate any life guidance that comes my way. I’m fairly indecisive, and waiting for things to happen drives me insane. That’s why I tried to see my future with tarot cards at high school.

Even though I had been in high school over a decade ago, I remember the experience as being strangely satisfying. I didn’t get the replies I desired, but I felt much better knowing that I had a response. If you were wondering, my tarot card reading successfully predicted exactly what was likely to happen.

So when I recently endured a full-blown professional life crisis and was desperately seeking answers, you bet I turned to tarot cards once again. It’s ‘s safe to state I’m not the only semi-functioning grownup who needs answers to her important questions.

Should I finish off this can of Pringles?

As the notion of doing the following tarot card reading came to meI had been curious to find if my experience could be different now that I had been an adult. Below are six things that you need to know about doing your own tarot card reading:

1. It’s easy (like, really simple ).

All of a tarot card reading takes is a deck and a tarot guide book, which typically is sold with a deck of tarot cards. To carry out your studying, you want a quiet area in which you have room to replicate and spread out your cards. Reading the guidebook as you go (i.e. not memorizing different card and spreads meanings) is totally OK, as most books are aimed toward beginners.

2. You’ll never get a response to a certain question.

Tarot cards " like horoscopes and other fortune telling mediums " are best and most precise when your first question is vague. In my case, my question was Can I be happy on the job? .

Even though the thing I really wish to know is when I’ll get promoted and when it will be to some position I desperately want, I kept my question obscure to acquire the most interpretation from my answer. Since I had been doing a reading for me personally, it was easy.

3. Minor arcana cards are just as important " if not more important " than major arcana cards.

Like playing a standard deck of cards, you’ll scarcely ever get a hand of kings, queens and aces. That can be a good thing. The dominant suit on your reading will tell you a lot about your personality and situation (for example, Cups symbolize relationships and love ), so pay sufficient attention to this.

My reading was dominated by Wands and Pentacles. If prosperity, being creative and standard progress is in my future, I could ‘t whine.

4. You have to be happy to do a deep dive in your life.

In case you’re unable to analyze different areas of your own life, then you definitely won’t be able to acquire a powerful reading. I used the simple horseshoe spread, consisting of seven cards that represent the basic past, present, potential futures and action steps. For my third card, I obtained Death.

Death is not a bad card by any way. Rather, it means a part of your daily life (maybe not your true life) is nearing its end. So to be able to genuinely understand what my studying supposed, I needed to evaluate all parts of my life, particularly those that entailed job, and look at what might possibly be ending. After I understood exactly what that card meant, I was able to examine the next card.

5. You have to figure out your own answer.

Unfortunately, tarot cards aren’t specific, and they won’t even give you a direct answer. It takes a whole lot of self-reflection and research to determine what the cards are trying to inform you. Once you figure that out, you want to work out how it plays in your life.

My cards advised me (through the Three of Wands) I must threaten a partnership with an altercation. I took this to mean a negotiation or a serious discussion about my professional future. It supposed talking leaving my place, which could annoy my boss. But through initiative of my own, that’s what occurred.

If you reread a few days, there’s clearly a lot of assumptions there. But, that’s exactly what tarot card readings are about. If you don’t accept guesses, you won’t be led to decisions.

6. You’ll get a (correct) answer.

Yes, actually. Inspired by my studying (and by my frustration for not doing more considerable work)I confronted my boss and explained I needed to be doing more to be able to remain with the company.

It wasn’t a fun conversation, and it got really testy occasionally. But ultimately, I obtained the result my tarot cards daily tarot reading stated I’d get, which was what I desired. (Kudos to the Four of Wands, which signifies hard work with good results.)

Ultimately, performing your own tarot card reading is an excuse to practice meditation, mindfulness and self-reflection. The cards are only tools to analyze your lifestyle, obstacles and goals. With this in mind, everybody should try reading his or her own tarot cards.

I’m not likely to try to convince you that tarot card reading is a perfect science. You shouldn’t go into a tarot card reading expecting to know just what life has in store for you, but readings can be reassuring. Don’t take it too seriously, and you also ‘ll get more from the encounter than you anticipated.

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