WANTED: Resident Evil 0 Overview

For the unreleased Nintendo 64 prototype, see Local Wickedness Zero (N64 version).

Citizen Evil 0, recognized in Japan as biohazard 0 (バイオハザード0 baiohazādo 0?), is a survival horror video game that was created as well as published by Capcom for the Nintendo GameCube and also released in 2002. It is the 7th home console video game in the Citizen Evil series by release order and was the last of the title to make use of the initial Multi-View gameplay system before the launch of Homeowner Wickedness 4.

A remastered, high-def variation of the video game has been launched in January 2016, recognized in Japan as the biohazard 0 HD remaster (バイオハザード0 HDリマスター?). It was also included in the Origins Collection. A port of the remaster was released on Might 21, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch over.

The game'’ s story is standalone, yet incorporate to the tales of Resident Wickedness, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica and also the terminated “” Castle”” game, with the story including the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Group ahead of the Estate Event, Dr. Albert Wesker'’ s dishonesty of Umbrella, the backstory of an Umbrella founder, and brand-new lore on the Progenitor Virus.


Confronted with the relentless Zombies and also other terrible animals, S.T.A.R.S. policeman Rebecca Chambers makes a partnership with Billy Coen, a ran away criminal.by link https://romshub.com/roms/gamecube/resident-evil-zero-disc-2-europe website Unconsciously, Rebecca stumbles into the prelude of an event where she will certainly be tested to her limitations as well as her greatest anxieties will be understood. With each other, Billy and Rebecca must survive the headache as well as subject the dark tricks of what has actually triggered it.


Key characters

  • Rebecca Chambers – An 18-year-old and university chemistry graduate, functioning as the novice medic for the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. Chambers is on her initial goal, which is to investigate the mystical murders afflicting the Arklay Hills. Not long after landing, the mission adjustments to focus on the worry of 2LT. Billy Coen. She is separated from her team in the search, and also locates herself on the Ecliptic Express, an exclusive Umbrella train which has actually mysteriously stopped in the woodland.
  • Billy Coen – A dishonourably-discharged Marine police officer of the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Scapegoated for the bloodbath of civilians in a failed mission, Coen was being carried to a military base on the other side of Arklay Area for his implementation. His transportation was damaged as well as his MPs killed in an assault by an unknown force, compeling Coen to look for safety on the very same nearby train.

Supporting characters

  • Dr. James Marcus – An established virologist as well as among the three founding members of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Marcus led his own t-Virus research study distinct from those of his others in the laboratory listed below Umbrella'’ s executive training centre. He inexplicably vanished 10 years before the occasions of the video game. A mystical individual is currently utilizing contaminated leeches to coordinate attacks on Umbrella in his name.
  • Dr. William Birkin – An Umbrella scientist with an influential role in the t-Virus and G-Virus Projects. Dr. Birkin was just one of the leaders in the job to re-open Dr. Marcus' ‘ training centre, when their groups were assaulted by leeches.
  • Dr. Albert Wesker – An Umbrella gatekeeper, former scientist, and also Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Dr. Wesker has actually been assigned to oversee the re-opening of the training centre alongside Dr. Birkin.
  • Captain Enrico Marini – Bravo Group'’ s leader. Captain Marini led the look for 2LT. Coen, and also when Chambers was divided attempted to stay in radio contact.
  • Edward Dewey – The Bravo Group pilot. Dewey is assaulted by pet dogs in the forest and runs away onto the Ecliptic Express not long after Chambers' ‘ arrival.
  • Bravo Staff member Forest Speyer, Kevin Dooley, Dr. Kenneth J. Sullivan, and also Richard Aiken likewise emerge in-game; nevertheless, they have no dialogue as well as just offer a minor role. The only various other recommendation to them as Bravo Group, is that they all head offscreen to Spencer Mansion a couple of miles away from the training school.


Completing the main video game in any type of difficulty level will certainly open Wesker Setting, allowing you to play the game as Albert Wesker who has two brand-new capacities, along with the incentive minigame Leech Seeker.

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