We are a 360-advertising agency structured for innovation, creativity and multidisciplinary problem-solving capacity. As the world is changing, we help brands lead the change. We are several hearts that beat in unison and a mind that shares a bold vision to transform your business. We are made of digital geeks, creative warriors, strategy connoisseurs, branding evangelists, media experts and design enthusiasts all thinking about your business, about your problem.

Daniel Ligyalingi

Board Chairman

Meet Daniel, an exemplary Board Chairman at MAAD McCANN, where he has demonstrated exceptional acumen in overseeing the company's long-term sustainable growth. With a strategic and results-driven approach, he ensures the successful achievement of organizational objectives and plans while meticulously monitoring progress and fostering meaningful engagement with stakeholders.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades as a communications and marketing professional, Daniel has adeptly managed diverse brands, earning a reputation for delivering remarkable outcomes. His visionary leadership inspires and guides teams toward the realization of set goals, fueling an environment of collaboration and excellence.

Renowned for his adept multitasking skills, Daniel leaves no detail unattended, ensuring that projects are executed seamlessly and brought to fruition within established timelines. His unwavering commitment to excellence has earned him widespread recognition and respect within the industry.

Before his tenure as Board Chairman, Daniel held the esteemed position of Managing Director at MAAD McCANN. During this tenure, he skillfully spearheaded the startup, growth, and profitability of the company, while orchestrating and executing well-crafted business strategies. His aptitude for cultivating trust-based relationships with shareholders and business partners has been pivotal in fostering enduring partnerships.

Daniel's dedication to continuous improvement and his passion for driving MAAD McCANN's success exemplify a consummate professional whose contributions leave an indelible mark on the organization's trajectory.

As MAAD McCANN continues to flourish under his stewardship, Daniel's visionary leadership and strategic expertise serve as a driving force, propelling the company to new heights of success within the dynamic realm of communications and marketing.

Annette Ssebba

Board Secretary

Adris Kamuli

Managing Director

Adris is the Creative Director and co-founder of MaadMcCann, but for a person who helps brands get attention, he describes himself as someone who doesn’t fancy it. Adris is a graduate from the School of Industrial and Fine Art in Makerere University. He also took an Art Direction Post Graduate course at the Miami Ad School.

With 20 years in the game, Adris’ beginnings can be traced back to Graphics Systems as a DTP but they can’t be confined by geographical borders. Before pursuing the Post Graduate Course in Art Direction at the Miami Ad School, he worked with Saatchi & Saatchi. Upon his return, he took a job in the land of a thousand hills – Rwanda. His return to Uganda saw the birth of MaadMcCann. 11 years as Creative Director, he led creative hotshots, and together they developed campaigns that redefined pop culture.

On the backbone of campaigns like Pakalast, Topowa and Obulamu, Adris’ zenith for creativity catapulted MaadMcCann to be ranked among the top 3 marketing and advertising firms in Uganda. Some of his work has been displayed on The One Show. A career dotted with hallmarks of leadership, craftsmanship, industry and mentorship, his work on brands like Harley Davidson, Porche, MTN, JESA, Ugachick, Rotary Cancer Run, IFC/World Bank, GIZ, Stop Malaria, Unicef, Roofings Group, Stanbic Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Africa, DFCU Bank, and many more, are testament to all the above.

Clare Bamwine

Media Director

With 18 years of buying media, Clare is the Media Director at MaadMcCann. Before joining MaadMcCann Clare worked with SCANAD Uganda, Grey and JWT. Clare has her finger on the pulse of new and old media, with a knack for innovation and Target audience profiling.

Clare brings to the fold a wealth of experience developing and implementing Media Strategies spanning Commercial, social and Health marketing brands. A team player, her modus operandi is anchored in research and justified by data. Clare believes data talks and assumptions walk.

Clare’s Media Strategy and Planning acumen can be best exemplified by her work on brands like Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Nokia, East African Breweries, P&G, Kenya Airways,  BBC, UNICEF,  Emirates Airlines, PSI , UHMG, KCB, Jubilee  Insurance and many others.

Philip Higiro

Head of PR, EVENT & BTL Manager

When Philip is not traveling the world for business, it’s for pleasure. What he can guarantee is that you can’t separate him from traveling. Philip is our resident PR Manager, so when everybody else is running away from a fire, Philip runs towards it. A graduate of Mass Communication with a major in PR, Philip has a passion for Image Building and Reputation management.

While he buries himself in developing quintessential PR plans, he comes alive in the implementation phase. Which explains why clients have always lauded the way he executes plans. When he’s not cooking chicken quesadilla or spicy Bolognese, he’s cooking below the Line activation plans. Philip’s midas touch is best illustrated by the work he’s done on brands such as Unilever, Stanbic Bank, KCB Bank, Western Union, Uganda Health Marketing Group, USAID/RT among others.

George Wasswa

Finance Director & Admin Director

George is the Finance Director at MaadMcCann. Before he joined MaadMcCann, he worked for MCL and Sanyu FM among other organizations. 21 years of experience have trained George to demand exceptional performance from himself and those he works with. A graduate from the School of Commerce with a major in Accounting at Makerere University, George is a zealot of tidy book keeping.

He is one of the fore fathers of Maad McCann, suffice to say, he’s single handedly responsible for curving out a financial map for the sustenance and growth of MaadMcCann. In his role as Finance Director, he has managed to see client’s jobs implemented within budget, without financial loss and within the stipulated timelines.

Mike Kafeero

Production Manager

Mike is the Production Manager and Co-Founder of MaadMcCann. 16 years ago, he started working at the Makerere University Printer and later made the leap to Graphics Systems as its pioneer Prepress Head. Coming into advertising his mantra has always been to be the conduit that moves campaigns from ideation to creation.

A graduate of Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University, Mike carefully marries design and production aesthetics to guarantee a client’s desired outcome. Before co-founding MaadMcCann, Mike worked at Cool Graphics and Ignition Advertising as Production Manager.

In 2009 he was privileged to be on the team which was tasked to supervise the security printing of  Warid airtime cards in Nairobi. With his astuteness he has negotiated and won over mega projects worth billions of money on behalf of MaadMcCann. While he’s a proud family man, MaadMcCann’s 10 year anniversary is his proudest milestone.

A perfectionist, Mike has overseen production of radio commercials, TV Commercials, radio dramas. Documentaries, Billboards for a plethora of brands such as Unicef, Obulamu, Save the Children, Warid Telecom, Orange Telecom, Jesa Farm Dairy, Ugachick, Bank of Africa, Power Play and many more. A lot of his work has taken the advertising by storm. Mike spends his free time keeping up with trends and doing community work.

Peter Kazibwe

Creative Director

A talented fine artist and professional creative/graphic designer, Peter has spent over 11 years helping brands play a meaningful in people’s lives and designing SBCC and health marketing campaigns. Peter is a graduate of Industrial and Fine Arts in Makerere University. He has certificates in Digital Marketing and Research & insight generation from Google Digital Garage and Mindscapes respectively.

While many travel around the globe for adventure, Peter has always travelled to help brands create an everlasting impression in the minds of their customers and prospectives with his creative touch. He has worked and consulted with companies in Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia and the United Kingdom.

Before becoming the Creative Director in 2020, Peter was an Art Director since 2017 when he joined MaadMcCann. For a person who understands the impact that design and language has on communication, his creative talent can be felt on a number of brands which include, but not limited to; Uganda Breweries Limited, Ugachick, Uganda Development Bank, PostBank Uganda, KCB Bank, Bank of Kigali, bank of Baroda, GOtv Uganda, DStv, Africell Uganda, Unliver, Coca Cola and SBCC clients that include; Rotary club of Uganda, Feed the Future, Aga Khan Foundation, World Vision Uganda, USAID, UNHCR.

Kajura Denis

Art Director

For an Introvert, Denis loves making jokes, not just in life but with design. His work will never be without of a dash of humor. A Graphics Designer with 8 years under his belt, his design skills have come of age. A slow burner, Denis has a penchant for the theatrics and flair for nuances. A graduate of Industrial and Fine Art from Makerere University, he joined MaadMcCann fresh from university. 8 years and countless campaigns later, Denis is not only the brain that’s sparks brainstorm banter, but also a treasure trove of consumer insights and culture.

Denis’ impact can be felt on brands like Western Union Uganda, Daily Monitor, Coca Cola, Bank of Africa, Uniliver Uganda, Ugachick, KCCA, Sinfa Uganda, Red Cross, Power Play energy drink, KCB Bank, DStv Uganda and GOtvUganda.

Aggrey Muganga

SBCC Manager

If he is not in the corners of Uganda co-creating ideas and solutions with the natives, Muganga is in a workshop brainstorming with Implementing Partners or implementing an IPC activity somewhere.

A student of Performing Arts and Film and originally a Creative Diehard, Muganga fell in love with Social and Behavior Change Communication through working with entities like fhi360, Save the Children, RTI International, SPRING Uganda, Pace,  Malaria Consortium, Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU), Marie Stopes, Stop Malaria Uganda Project, The Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda (CCEDU), Action 4 Health, HRNS, The Aga Khan Foundation, OraQuick—among others—to create and implement SBCC campaigns, like Obulamu?, Eyok Kiyan, Topowa, Ulinzi Military Condom, Tusomere Wamu, Live Your Dream, Twefeeko Daily, Our Children-Our Future, Chase Malaria, Tukomye Okutuntuza, Update Yo Status, among others.

His passion to co-create solutions with people and love for SBCC drove him to study a Master’s Degree in Public Health—Health Promotion at Uganda Martyrs University.

Over the years, he has amassed experience in designing and implementing SBCC campaigns in several thematic areas, such as: Child Protection. Early Childhood Development (ECD). Education. Gender Based Violence (GBV). Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR). Maternal and Child Health. Nutrition. Adolescent and Youth Empowerment. Livelihoods. HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care. Democratic Governance. Clean Energy. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Malaria. Agriculture.

Dorothy Kirabo

Traffic Manager

Kirabo is the keeper of the creative department. As the Traffic Manager, she whips the creative team into line and sees to it that deadlines are met. The burden of understanding briefs falls squarely on her very capable shoulders. The creatives in her ward often like to call her the Crisis Whisperer because of her ability to predict and avert crises before they happen. Something she says was planted from her training as a journalist and cultivated by her time at SCANAD Uganda before joining MaadMcCann.

A think tank of sorts, gifted with a rare sense of imagination, Kirabo’s impact is embodied in the creative thinking and problem solving done for brands like Ugachick, Unicef Uganda, KCB Bank, GOtv, DStv Uganda, Redcross, Save the Children and many others.

Robert Kizito


Kizito has his writing background in stage and radio drama, TV/Film and music video scripting. A graduate of Drama and Film from the Department of Performing Arts and Film, Makerere University and a charming storyteller with a passion for directing.

Kizito joined MaadMcCann in 2020 fresh from campus as a junior copywriter. While writers are thinking outside the box, Kizito aspires to tell stories that move audiences into that box through telling stories that connect to them emotionally. In the pursuit of helping brands communicate to their target audiences effectively, Kizito has inclined himself to creative problem solving and has exploited his background in drama to help brands tell stories that hit the target.

Kizito is a dynamic writer whose work cuts across both traditional and digital media and SBCC and commercial marketing. Since joining MaadMcCann, Kizito has worked with clients including; Action 4 Health Uganda, the Aga Khan foundation, Rotary club of Uganda, CiplaQCIL, GOtv Uganda, KCB Bank Uganda, PostBank Uganda, Prudential Uganda and Ugachick.

Abel Mugume

Head of Business Development

Before joining MaadMcCann, Abel was an Account Manager at SCANAD Group Uganda. Today, Abel is our Head of Business Development. Making big leaps is not new to Abel. Whenever a brief lands on his desk, he will not say he’s unable. That’s the kind of leader Abel he is. A graduate with a BA in Industrial and Fine Arts, he has harnessed a unique ability to marry art and strategy. The results have been a myriad of won pitches and a plethora of satisfied clients.

A staunch believer that iron sharpens iron, Abel came into his element when he was thrown down the deep end as lead Account Manager for Barclays Bank Uganda. Coming into advertising his mantra is to turn client’s expectation to reality. Every strategy he crafts is geared towards giving clients value for money while reaching consumers in a meaningful way. Abel’s impact can best be exemplified by work he’s done on brands like Barclays Bank, Tusker Malt Lager, Roofings Group, Bell Lager, KCB Bank, GOtv and AAR.

Bernard Okello

Graphic Designer

Multi-talented, Bernard started his professional designing career at Jazz FM. A jack of all trades, his time at Jazz FM also introduced him to a career in music production and Radio hosting. Before joining MaadMcCann, he had a brief yet career defining stint at Selio, as the sole brand custodian.

He joined MaadMcCann in 2019 and has since made his presence felt on brands such Uganda Development Bank, Rwenzori, Coca Cola, Power Play, KCB Bank and Ugachick. His prowess in illusionism and abstract design has given our digital content the cutting edge. Bernard’s style continues to grow and his artistic voice continues to soar.

Robert Mukobe

Senior Media Manager

Robert has 12 years of experience buying media for both FCMGs and Health Marketing organizations. MaadMcCann hasn’t always been his station of operation. Before he joined, he worked with Saatch & Saatchi as a Media Executive. While Robert has a wealth of experience developing Media Strategies and plans, implementing them is his unrivalled forte. Robert’s specialty is out of box techniques that deliver reach, recency, impact and ultimately consolidate Top of Mind awareness. Our very own in-house expert on Next Generation Marketing, Robert brings to the fold a wealth of media consumer insights!  

12 years in the industry have seen him grow brands like GOtv Uganda, Orange Uganda, Jesa, Ugachick,   MTN Uganda, Bank of Africa, Stanbic  Bank Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority, SAMSUNG, Colgate Palmolive, Communication for Healthy Communities, Stop Malaria Project, Malaria Consortium, UNICEF, HCP, AFFORD, and many others.


Media Planner

Faizal develops and implements media strategies and Plans. His core business is to help brands connect with their audiences through the right channels and at the right time, to grow their share of voice and ultimately meet their business objective.

Faizal  holds a Bachelors degree in Agribusiness Management from Makerere University, however, his media expertise stems from his experience of 8 years working for local and global agencies, on local and international brands like UNICEF, WHO, Western Union, Multichoice (DSTV & GOTV) , Ugachick, Jesa, FHI360/CHC, Malaria consortium, Prefa, Stop Maria Project, Malaria Consortium, Orange, among others.

Over the years Faizal has nurtured meticulous media management abilities, a hands-on-approach to media relations all anchored by superb research and analytical skills.

Patience Aguti

Business Unit Manager

Driven by an inherent need to deliver results, Patience lives for two things; God and her clients. A graduate of Science in Marketing, Patience found her calling in Account Management. She believes that while Prayer can change lives, compelling communication also goes a long way in sparking change. A beacon of positivity, she is the oil that keeps relationships with clients working well.

Over the last 5 years on the job, Patience has worked on some of the most challenging brands and delivered bottom lines for both her clients and the agency. Most notable was her work ethic on the launch of the Obulamu brand – a behavior change brand deployed in Uganda by Communication for Health Communities. She has also done stellar work on brands like Action for Health, Save the Children, LifeLink, GIZ, Redcross and RTI.

Hawa Nakatunde


Described by her contemporaries as reliable, honest and flexible, Hawa exemplifies the side of advertising business that is always overshadowed by creativity. An Accountant by profession, Hawa is one of the few in the business of creativity who can proudly say, she’s doing exactly what she studied to.

Hawa has 9 years of experience in dealing with local and international clients, agency budgeting and implementation. A born leader, she’s never shy to take matters into her own hands, especially money matters. Meticulous and detail oriented, she comes alive during the planning and execution phases of campaign development.

Janet Nakazzi

Business Development Executive

Janet is the work horse dedicated to growing the business through client relations. She believes that an agency is as good as the quality of relationships it has with clients. A calm and collected optimist, she is the gateway between the creative team and clients. With a knack for detail she’s the force that breaks down briefs before brainstorms and keeps the team focused on the purpose of the brainstorm.

Her passion for behavior change insights is only dwarfed by the passion for drawing project strategies and their implementation. 6 years in advertising have sharpened her strategic thinking and made her the agency expert in Health Marketing. Janet has worked on brands like JESA, Ugachick, Unicef Uganda, IFC/World Bank and Nice House of Plastics.

Komukyeya Agaba Cynthia Natasha

Digital Manager

Komukyeya Agaba Cynthia Natasha has a passion to elevate the advertising industry in Uganda, most especially through digital marketing.

Prior to joining Maad McCann, she has three years of experience working for advertising agencies such as Metropolitan Republic, Fideli  and QG Saatchi & Saatchi where she took up roles in PR and Digital departments. Some of her strong qualities in digital marketing include: identifying the most effective ways to advertise digitally, developing customized digital strategies, identifying different opportunities to encourage customer engagement and assessing

the client/ brands current strategies and suggesting improvements.

She has worked with brands from multiple industries, ranging from beverages, telecommunication, energy, health and pay TV. Some of the brands she has worked on include: MTN Uganda, Shell, Star-times, IHK(Group), Safe Way Right Way, Tusker Malt Lager, Umeme and Mentos (Greece), to mention but a few.

Cynthia has a BSc in International Business Administration from United States International University (based in Kenya ). To further elevate her skills, she recently acquired a Masters degree in Digital Marketing from Coventry University (United Kingdom).

John Musinguzi

Digital Account & Community Manager

John is not one to abide by the status quo. Fearless in his pursuit to make digital marketing work, he has the required skills to create content that cuts through digital clutter. His recipe of success is pivoted by several strategies such as putting audience first, developing end-to-end solutions, creating channel synergy and building on exiting brand love.

A graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication from Makerere University, before joining MaadMcCann John worked as the Communications Officer at Public Health Ambassadors Uganda. The Highlight of his stint was an HIV/AIDS campaign among Bodaboda riders executed in Wakiso District.

As a content creator, John brings to our Digital Marketing Team the thoroughness of a scientist and the creativity of an artist. Since joining MaadMcCann, he has braced brands like Ugachick, KCB Bank, Plastic Recycling Industries, Uganda Development Bank, KCB Bank, Coca Cola, Rwenzori, Power Play and Ugachick.

Francis Kawamara

Graphic Design Executive

Francis is a passionate designer with a belief that design speaks louder than words. When you get to his desk, the loudest sound you will hear is the mouse click that opens a variety of opportunities for his clients. With a background in drawing art, Francis artistically goes around briefs to provide creative solutions for clients.

Francis is a talented, yet well-trained visual communicator from the Artfield Institute of Design. He also has 4 years of experience in breathing life into the lives of brands through design.

Before joining MaadMcCann in 2021, Francis worked with 6AM Agency, and Artfield Institute of Design as a Graphics Designer and Lecturer respectively. He has worked on brands such as; Prudential Uganda, Tusker Lite, Human Diagonistics Uganda, PostBank, Afriland Bank, Reign Ads, Ovidian Uganda, Kampala Saints Football Academy, Tweny Moments, Abashweki, Ndiga Gaming, The Hunger Project Uganda among others.

Irene Namaganda

Head of Operations

Irene graduated in Finance and Accounting in 2016. Her career started right here at MaadMcCann as an Accounts Assistant. Nothing goes passed Irene. While she can smell an office romance from yards out, she’s even better at following money trails. For an accounting professional, Irene finds Advertising intriguing and while she spends most of her time on the Excel sheet side of things, she would like to excel at it too.

7 years on the job have seen Irene draw up and monitor campaign budgets for brands like Western Union, Unicef Uganda, Roofings Group, GOtv, DStv, UHMG, Malaria Consortium, KCB Bank and many more. Irene drives a hard bargain and will see to it that her clients get the most competitive prices rates for whatever they need done.

Mercy Atwongyeire

Graphic Design Executive

The name Mercy and art are synonymous. Mercy was born for Art. She has explored different avenues in the art industry, stretching from acting to presenting on TV and everything in between and for a person who loves having fun, not just in life, but also with design, Mercy employs her positive vibes to design processes and that’s how she manages to crack briefs with ease. A graduate of Mass communication from Uganda Christian University, Mercy joined MaadMcCann fresh from campus.

Since joining MaadMcCann, Mercy has helped brands reach their target audiences with her art of telling compelling stories with fun through design. Mercy’s magic can be felt on brands such as; Bellazuri, PostBank Uganda, Prudential Uganda, CiplaQCIL, Tusker Malt Lager, to mention but a few.

Jennifer Achiro

PR & Events Executive

Armed with a vast of experience and different talents, Achiro has proven to be a unique brand hero. Achiro is an excellent communication and problem solver with 3 years’ experience. She holds a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, coupled with a certificate in The Art of Public speaking from Makerere University.

While makeup artists run around in a bid to beautify human faces, Achiro is the different kind that will developing and executing plans to help shape and build brands’ faces before the public. To Achiro, enjoying the process is key to getting the best results.

Achiro’s experience can be felt on brands such as; CiplaQCIL, PostBank Uganda, MasterCard Foundation among others.